Indian Recipes – Mint Lassi

Lassi is an indian yoghurt drink which can be sweet, salty or even little spicy. My favourites are mint lassi and mango lassi. Since fresh mangoes are only seasonal, mint lassi is always easy to prepare from fresh ingredients. All you need is plain yoghurt, mint leaves, sugar and ice. Click here for my homemade […]

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Indian Curd/Dahi Recipe

indian curd dahi yoghurt recipe blog Findianlife

I miss all the yoghurt and milk products from Finland. The variety is much more there when it comes to healthy milk produce. Especially the “fit food” like quark and cottage cheese. Indians love yoghurt too as a side dish to curries. They call it dahi or curd. I never thought I could make it […]

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My TOP 4 Hottest Trends of Fall ’17 Season

Trends of Fall 2017 blog Findianlife

The fall season in fashion is always exciting! Especially in Finland it felt super lush with all the weather-appropriate coats and knitwear. Now in Singapore it doesn’t seem that exciting anymore, but I have picked my favourite trends from the fall season. RED This vibrant color for me never goes out of fashion, but I’ll […]

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Easy Indian Paneer Cheese Recipe

indian paneer recipe by blogger Findianlife

Ever since we moved to Singapore we haven’t been able to find decent tasting indian cottage cheese (paneer) anywhere ready-made. So I googled how it’s really made and turns out it’s super easy! I have recently learnt how to make my own yoghurt as well and I will never buy it in a store again. […]

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Back in Singapore + Tourist Snap Shots

Singapore tourist photos blog Findianlife

Hi guys! First of all, sorry about my silence since my travels in Finland and India. Now I’m back in Singapore and getting back to my gym routine plus recovering from jetlag. It’s so hard to start training again after a long break! But you just have to get in that zone by going to […]

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