Shades of Plum


I usually like bright and popping colours, or then no colour at all, but as it’s the fall season, darker shades have started to lure me. I am not feeling the fall right at this moment though, as I’m in Chennai and it’s 31 degrees :D. But in Finland on the other hand, the fall is on and it’s probably dark, wet and gloomy. Cudos to you all there ;). In those days you don’t feel at your best so bright colours just seem off.

Every single year in the fall season, there’s one colour to make a comeback in clothing, accessories, nail polish and make up. It’s the plum shade, or aubergine or burgundy, or the different hues of these. I have mixed feelings about that colour. One year I purchased so many pieces of clothing and accessories of that shade and I got fed up with it very quickly. I re-sold most of my clothes and accessories of that shade, but I still love it in nail polish and make up. I found this gorgeus Sephora nail polish  in Paris but it was sold out, so I bought it in Delhi last week. It’s actually more of a taupe colour.

Sephora nail polish shade Go For Bad Boys

I did find some plum and pink Sephora eyeshadows in Paris and I’m really loving them, as I have green eyes, the colours of the eye shadows really make them pop. I wouldn’t use the pink on its own but as an accent colour on the eyes it looks great. I wanted to accentuate the eyes and the nails with a statement necklace of similar colours.


Curls were made with GHD Gold hair straightener
Gina Tricot necklace, Missoni for Lindex top, Forever New waistcoat

Even the hair turned out great in this humidity. It didn’t stick for long though, the downside of having flat and straight hair :/.

Tomorrow on Friday the 2nd of October, it’s an occasion of Gandhi Jayanti here in Chennai and it’s a public holiday. Let’s see what that day brings along.


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