Colorbar Lipstick

I went to Phoenix Marketplace in Chennai and found this Colorbar make up brand in Lifestyle (Indian department store). It seemed like a pretty good quality brand with affordable prices. This lipstick cost only 475 INR, which is about 6,50 EUR. I wanted a medium pink lipstick, as I have many bright shades already. They don’t usually have many light colors here when it comes to make up but luckily I ended up with just one perfect lipstick :).

Knit from H&M

The billing is a true pain though at Lifestyle! When you have decided to buy the lipstick, you have to get a handwritten slip with the product info from the sales clerk. Then you have to find the cashier and stand in a queue, and omg how long it takes to charge 1 person! I hate waiting so I just can’t stand slow people… or maybe it’s the technology as it’s not too advanced. The girl who was charging me was really typing a lot of info into the computer :D. Then I got a receipt of my purchase and had to go back to that make up stand to get the actual lipstick. Then at the door on my way out I had to show the receipt and the product to a security guard. Such a hassle. Took me like 45 minutes to get one lipstick. They almost sold me a perfume but I got out at the last minute, damn those Indians are good at selling :D.


I like the natural look of this lipstick, as usually lipstick looks really “made up” on me. I don’t wear a lot of eye make up when I have lipstick on to avoid trashy look. Just light eyeshadow and mascara.


Essie nail polish shade Eternal Optimist
Colorbar lipstick shade Fairy Tale

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