1 week we have been in Singapore and I feel like I have no material or footage to post :D. Clearly one week is not enough time to see the city. Actually most of the time here we have been jetlagged or just exhausted, and my boyfriend also caught a flu. The city is amazing though and we are very excited as we will move here next year. So some time of this visit has gone into running errands and getting ready for the move. We are anyways not the sightseeing touristy type of people, we’d rather relax and enjoy.

The view from Harbourfront Walk at Vivo City

Our hotel is located opposite to the biggest shopping mall in Singapore, the Vivo City, and I haven’t even managed to see all of it. There are millions of shops and restaurants there, but it’s not right in the city centre. It’s from a walking distance to the Sentosa island. One sunday we planned to go there and I can definitely recommend that to everyone. There is so much to see and do! We managed to only visit a couple of places at Sentosa. We went to the Sea Aquarium and then to the Siloso beach. I wanted to see a dolphin and seal show (yes, I’m 5 yrs old :D). We went to those few places and it took almost the whole day. The island is huge but there’s a free “metro” to take people to different places. I don’t know what it’s called but it’s very convenient. But we basically just walked from our hotel to Sentosa, there are even escalators on the way so you don’t need to walk :D.

From the Sea Aquarium






Siloso Beach

I didn’t even have time to visit the Marina Bay floats but I went shopping in the Orchard Centre & Road. Also the Chinatown and Little India are yet to be seen next year! But the city is a perfect combination of city and nature and the tropics. I love the beach, the sea and also the cosmopolitan atmosphere here. English is the business language and there is always someone to help you 🙂 And just for mentioning the food is amazing and it’s in every corner and I have so much more to eat here in the future :P. Despite the thousands of shops, I managed to limit my shopping to only a few items, maybe I’ll post about them later.

FullSizeRender 7
Sushi Tei at Vivo City

FullSizeRender 9

FullSizeRender 8

Weirdly, I haven’t (yet) found anything “wrong” with Singapore. Like when you travel, you will know within a few days  if something in the other culture or the country is annoying or doesn’t work as well as in Finland. The only thing here I didn’t find good was our hotel, but that’s it! Everything worked efficiently and without a problem, people were extremely nice and we are ready to move here, yay!

All in all, Singapore was beautiful but tiring and next stop for me is: Finland! Cold Finland…. By the way, I didn’t actually realise the irony of this post, as first I write about fish in aquarium and then I post pics about sushi :D. Sorry, that’s life. I love my sushi.



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