The perfect Skincare Products – Oh, the Struggle

It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been very busy lately and also lacking a bit of inspiration in this grey and dark winter-coat-filled country… It’s now or never time to pamper myself with lovely and luxurious skincare products as the air gets colder and more cruel by the day!

I have a really complicated skin type and it’s always hard to find the perfect skincare products. I have like a combination skin; really dry and sensitive but with some blemishes and also oilyness. Only recently I have familiarised myself with the Body Shop skincare products. They are so lush and unique and contain mainly vegan ingredients. The Body Shop is also known for its cruelty-free principles and respect for human rights in their business. Enough of a reason to go buy! The products are a bit pricier of course, but I love organic, natural beauty products and really believe they are better. And the best part is that the Body Shop is all over the world, including India :).

I have tried their Seaweed series and liked it very much for the summer, as they are a bit more purifying and cleansing. Going towards the winter, I now purchased the more gentle Moisture White cleansing foam and the facial toner and cream from the Aloe series, which is fragrance free. My skin sometimes gets irritated from strong fragrances. The face cream also has sun protection, so it’s perfect for the tropics!



I love the service in the Body Shop (Sello, Espoo). It’s always on point and they really know their stuff, so it meets my high standards of what is good customer service. I got this lovely papaya shower gel for free and a free sample of their new oils of life series. I’ve been rooting for jojoba oil for years now and this could be an addition to my skincare routine.


Today is Diwali, the Festival of Lights so I wish you all a happy Diwali!!



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