My new Home awaits: Delhi

So… I was thinking I HAVE to post something about moving to Delhi for good, as it’s happening tomorrow and it’s been planned for so long and put on hold as well. Now I’m like, what to write… :D. I’m actually looking forward to it and feel relieved that our (dump of a) house is finally empty and I just returned the keys and all that stress is behind us. We have been talking about moving abroad for about 4 years now and it’s finally happening and I’m ready πŸ™‚

India Gate

Delhi is just a pitch stop before Singapore though, but I’m excited (and a bit scared) to live in the huge city. Random people like sales people, dentists and acquintances have expresses how cool it is to move there, when I have mentioned it in different situations. People have all kinds of ideas what it is like in India and none and all of them are real and not real :D. Like yesterday I had a final dinner with my friends and I mentioned that my phone number is not going to be valid anymore, and they were shocked so I said, of course I’ll get indian number when I get there, and then they were like:” Is there a NETWORK???” hahahaha. Yes, there are networks and real toilet seats! Actually one old but very vibrant lady wanted to come with me to Delhi, as she told me stories how she always travels to India alone. She also said (laughing) that the first time she traveled there, she got screwed so badly but now she has learnt how to lie and absolutely loves it there πŸ˜€ :D.

I’m very happy about our house there, which is nice and big and modern. A house we have never had here in Espoo. I’m looking forward to meeting my chef and eat all the tasty food imaginable! She cooks South-Indian and North-Indian food, yippeeeee! Life can be pretty easy there with drivers and chefs and maids…better not get used to it. I lived in Chennai for 3 months but I’ve always had a house in Finland and now it feels crazy that I have nothing to return to here. But I guess that’s the risk and excitement of moving abroad.

I’ll miss all of my amazing friends and I can’t even count how many farewells I’ve actually had over the years, but it’s been great! See you next summer :*


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Fashion & lifestyle blogger from Finland, married to Indian man and living in urban Singapore. Fashion & beauty addict, gym & yoga lover, always up for some fun! ;)

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