Adjusting to being Dilliwala

Namaste! So it’s been more than 1 week here in our new home in Saket, New Delhi and I have been now adjusting to the new culture and routines. Frankly I thought it would be harder but I find myself being pretty comfortable here. Well it’s very easy life with chef, maids, driver and home delivery of anything you can imagine ๐Ÿ˜€ Of course being paranoid as hell by nature I don’t feel 100% safe all the time, but I’m trying to get over it little by little.

Our home street

There are these guys on “bikes” who come every morning with fresh vegetables. Vegetables and fruits are being sold everywhere here in little carts and big bazaars. I was thinking for aย few days, what the hell is that shouting and noise outside every single morning, like some crazy person calling for someone?! Then I learnt that these guys come in different times and they all have a unique calling sound that they make to attract customers, I think :D.

As you can see from the pic there is 24 hours security here, and every block, every house and every staircase has their own security guard…a bit overkill maybe. And there are like 7, yes seven, different types of locks in our main door. Again, for a few days I heard some really annoying noise outside in the middle of night every single hour or so. Like some banging noise and whistle blowing… Try to get some sleep there. These security guys apparently are walking around and making these noises to “scare the thieves away” :D. Ok.

Immeadiately we joined a great gym here, Fitness First, and we’ve been going there daily. It has all my favourite classes, bodypump, step, bodybalance etc. There are also many personal trainers all day long availabe to assist with your workout. I went to my firstย Bodypump class there and almost became deaf as the music was a bit loud! But it felt like home as the program is worldwide so I knew it. It seems that people can come and go as they like in those classes. They can also text and lie on the mat doing nothing if they like :D.

Fitness First Select Citywalk
Leave it to the Indians to have a fresh juice and snack bar inside the gym. Awesome idea!!!

One of the biggest malls (actually 3 malls) is very near our house, the Select Citywalk, so it’s convenient to do stuff as those malls have everything and much more.

These bazaars just pop up anywhere, anytime ๐Ÿ™‚
My favourite; chole bhature at Haldiram’s ๐Ÿ˜›


Luckily some Christmas stuff has landed here too and I already told my boyfriend that I’m expecting something special for Christmas Eve. They have all these offers and parties in many restaurants so definitely want to go out somewhere! Now we have only been enjoying the home-cooked meals and getting fitter.



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