Things I miss from Finland

Ok, I wasn’t going to post this so soon, but as it’s the Independence Day of Finland today, I decided it’s the right time. I’ve been in Delhi for only two weeks but I can see myself already missing some finnish things.

Fresh air & cleanliness

fresh air finland

Being in one of the most polluted cities (?) in the world makes me miss the most pure & the freshest air in the world, Finnish air! So clear, crisp and good for you. And not a single trash in sight. No filter here in this picture from my sister’s summer cottage 🙂


greek salad

This is actually a greek salad variation (lol) but the veggies are finnish and they taste amazing. So fresh, crisp and sweet. No need to wash the finnish lettuce or cucumber really.

Peace & Quiet

Helsinki city centre

No surprise here! Being surrounded with millions of people constantly makes me wanna crawl into a cave alone. Sometimes I wish it would get quiet here. It never does. This picture is taken in the middle of Helsinki city centre without a single soul in sight! Incredible.

Family & Friends


This is the obvious, but the most important! Having a great time and long conversations with family and my oldest friend here at our summer cottage on a perfect finnish summer day <3.

Finnish summer and nightless nights

finnish summer night

This is probably a thing every Finn also misses, as the gorgeous summer days and nights are only seen for about 2 months in Finland. People miss this during the long fall and winter. This pic was taken at 4 am and the sun never set, it only rose again for the new day.

Sweets & Christmas


I put these 2 together as I’m not the biggest Christmas person in the world. But I do appreciate Christmas traditions, and that it’s a family celebration and also a time for peace. Not to forget about all the eating with the family! Basically stuffing ourselves is the whole goal of Christmas. I also miss the finnish candy, chocolate and salmiakki! Luckily my mom has sent some :P. In the pic those are called “pipari”, or gingerbread cookies, traditional finnish cookies that are made every Christmas. I always decorate the ones mom makes, as I’m clearly the creative one in the family, duh.


mattolaituri party

I have partied a lot and I will, as I’m Finnish and that’s what we do. You can party anywhere, anytime with anyone in Finland and it’s just fun. Like on that boat you can party. All night long. The pic is from a popular Finnish summer cafe/restaurant/terrace called “Mattolaituri”.

Wearing anything I want without being ogled or judged

karen millen outfit


Yes, I miss wearing anything I want and going anywhere, anytime, anyway I want, doing whatever I want. Not being stared or judged or harrased. One of the priviledges of living in Finland. Equality.


winter in Tampere

Just kidding. Not missing THAT!

Have a peaceful Independence Day!

Kisses ❤





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Fashion & lifestyle blogger from Finland, married to Indian man and living in urban Singapore. Fashion & beauty addict, gym & yoga lover, always up for some fun! ;)

3 thoughts on “Things I miss from Finland

  1. Heippa! Tää oli kiva postaus 🙂 oon lähdössä itse keväällä kolmeksi kuukaudeksi työharjotteluun Sri Lankaan, ja jotenkin voin jo valmiiksi samaistua näihin kaikkiin ikävän kohteisiin.. 😀 Ootko muuttanut Delhiin pysyvästi vai väliaikaisesti? 🙂


    1. Moikka! Kiva kuulla palautetta :). Sri Lankassa ei ole vielä tullut käytyä, mutta varmasti hieno paikka. Olen nyt mun avomiehen kanssa täällä n.3 kuukautta ja sitten olis suuntana Singapore. Intiassa on tullut käytyä useamminkin kun tosiaan avomies on täältä kotoisin 🙂


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