Incredible India….or NOOOT

Hello everyone (or my 1 faithful reader?)

So I had the mandatory food poisoning already, not the worst type luckily, but still I took 1 week to recover. Welcome to India… And last week was really difficult, as I started to miss home so much. You know, I try to present the good sides of India but anyone who truly knows me, know that I’m very opinionated and straight-forward and I usually have something to say about everything. So I’m not going to just write how great and lovely India is and all that s***. Last week I was annoyed about everything, the people, the noise, the cultural habits and manners ugh! And the friggin’ street dogs outside who bark, howl and literally sounds like they’re killing each other every night like it’s the goddamned Planet of the Dogs remake out there!!! One day I went for a walk outside, I lasted 15 minutes and developed a cough because it’s so polluted, I feel like I’m breathing in the “air” in a burning house, like it’s literally smoke! :((((((. Anyways, those are probably the most annoying things here right now, and also some of the indian women’s incredibly high-pitched voices… I am still waiting for that still moment, when it’s completely quiet. Maybe next year.

But today I looked at the calendar and realized, holy fuck, tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I was in complete oblivion as I thought it’s on Friday. I don’t have a gift for my boyfriend, well neither has he for me, I’m pretty sure. We don’t have any plans arghh. My Christmas cards, which I sent THREE weeks ago, haven’t reached my family, wtf? And I’m so sick of chapatti I can’t even look at it right now… Like how can they eat chapatti three times a day?! I made rice porridge (traditional Christmas food in Finland) and I’m eating it for the last three days. And seriously I am so cold inside the house, like freezing. It’s colder inside than outside! Ok, I know people are sleeping on the streets outside, but I am used to warm houses with heating.

I am now officially the Grinch.

Findian Grinch
I even look like it, the same hairstyle!




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Fashion & lifestyle blogger from Finland, married to Indian man and living in urban Singapore. Fashion & beauty addict, gym & yoga lover, always up for some fun! ;)

9 thoughts on “Incredible India….or NOOOT

  1. Voi hurjasti tsemppiä sinne uuteen arkeen,kyllä varmasti on totuttelemista<3 olet rohkea kun lähdit,toivottavasti kortit löytävät perille.
    Erilaista mutta värikästä joulun aikaa.


  2. We are more than one 😊

    Thank you for sharing also the other side of your new life. Times like these, when everyone’s presenting only the happyhappyjoyjoy and beautiful stuff in social media – that’s just not real, and at least for me it has by now created an attitude of “yeah right, as if” towards many updates and, sadly, even people.

    Warm thoughts for you from Finland, it’ll be better again for you very soon and you know that 😏 Have a memorable Christmas and 2016, and keep posting bits and pieces of your life (you do have at least three readers, you know)!


    1. Thanks Heidi, great to hear that a few people read this :D. Yes, fakery is annoying, and some people in the world might not have such great Christmas…

      Happy Christmas and New Year to you as well 🙂


  3. Hahahaha I had to laugh so much! Well India is tough that’s for sure. I am glad we left Indonesia and Cambodia and are now in north of Thailand where it’s not so hot anymore. The Christmas feeling is not here at all but at least there are some Christmas trees here. I know how difficult India is, I was also sick for one week. And I agree India is incredible in the first week but later…uffff not so much anymore. We don’t have anything for each other neither, but hey, we’re having Christmas abroad. It will be really strange, I am sure for you as well. Well, Merry Christmas. I hope you find a bit quietness tomorrow. Hugs from Chiang Mai, Melanie


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