My Big Christmas Eve Surprise!

So I woke up in Delhi on Christmas Eve. Ok, no snow, no family (except Rahul <3) and the first thing in the morning what I do is break my porridge bowl into millions of pieces on the marble floor, the second time this week! Then I am forced to listen to (no offense) hindi songs on YouTube. I ask my boyfriend to at least put some Christmas songs on. He plays finnish Christmas songs and I start balling my eyes out! Then I decide, ok just drag yourself to the gym and make this day a good one :).

We went to the Vasant Kunj malls and I got some retail therapy as the early season sales had already started. Next post coming up, where I’ll show you what I bought.

Vasant Kunj
Looks like Rahul is making some dance move here 😀

Then we had a lovely Christmas lunch at Kylin restaurant, Asian cuisine. We took a fixed menu and it was worth it! I hate blogging about food but I’ll post the pics anyways. The chef made our food in front of us, 5 courses alltogether. Very delicious! I had the seafood menu.

We continued the day with relaxing foot massages and the spa was completely empty, even the malls weren’t crowded as it was working day yesterday. Lovely and quite peaceful actually. Then we went to Underdogs for drinks and three rounds of pool. I won one round, yay! Usually Rahul wins at everything, except the Hangman, I’m good with words hah.



One last stop at the Striker rooftop terrace before home. It was empty and pretty chilly there, just like back home in Helsinki in June when people sit outside in terrace under blankets :D. The staff brought us our personal bonfire though!

Striker terrace

And then my big surprise! We got home and I was slightly disappointed that there was apparently no Christmas present for me inspite of all the hints I had given. I had hung this pathetic Christmas stocking, which I made at school when I was a kid, up on the wall and had told him that one day there should be something in it, like a gift for me.


The room was dark and Rahul said to me: “Are you sure there’s nothing in the stocking?” I was so excited that he had put something in there and went to see in the darkness, as he told me not to put the lights on. I found a small box and thought, yay, jewellery! But when I opened it, boy, there was an engagement ring in a box with an in-built lamp, and it reflected little beams of light to the whole room from the diamonds as they sparkled! Of course I went crazy and cried in a hysterical way :D. Then Rahul said romantically: “I don’t know how to do this”, hahaha. Then he just popped the question: “Will you marry me?”. In India there’s usually no proposal or anything like that, just an agreement between the couple and their families. So it was very cute for him to do this for me. I’m engaged!!!!!






The ring is custom made <3. Definitely the best Christmas present ever!


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