New Year’s thoughts: Struggling India

The New Year’s celebrations are over and yes, we had a nice dinner in a nice restaurant and all, but I’m not going to write about that. I’m going to write about the people here, who struggle every day to even make the ends meet and to have something to eat.

The first time I came to India, I hadn’t traveled outside Europe. So the initial culture shock hit me when I landed in Chennai in 2012. I started crying just because it was so different (poor) there. Just the overwhelming thought of so many people without shoes and without proper houses was unbearable at that moment. Well, those people will understand who have gone through it. It lasted like 2 days and then I started to get used to the place. Eventually you start to get numb on everything; the traffic and continuous honking, the dirt and filth and animals roaming around, and the beggars and people who sleep on the street every night.

Here’s my most annoying feature: there are so many things I complain about; it’s cold in the house, there’s no hot water, there are no street lights outside, I don’t feel safe here, I can’t get the foods I like, the internet is too slow etc etc. But when I hear my maid telling that her husband died, or the other day someone came to her house, pretended to be a friend but took her money in the middle of the day, I feel so bad. And when I see the security guard rubbing his hands together in the sun every morning just to get them to warm up again after the long, freezing night spent outside guarding the house I’m living in, I feel like shit. Yesterday I gave him my gloves to wear and we bought him a blanket too for the nights. And everytime I throw food away, like the egg yolks to avoid calories, and the maid wraps them to feed them to the street dogs later, I’m thinking how good-hearted she is.

I didn’t make any new year’s resolutions (not my style), or wishes as they tend to make here. But when Rahul asked our driver what he wishes for the new year ahead, he replied: “I just wish to go back to Kasmir to my wife and three kids.” But he can’t go, as there is no work for him.

Something to think about during your weight loss, diet planning and booze- & sugarfree filled days of January.

I will also try to complain less. But this is not a new year’s resolution 😉



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