New Year, New Gear!

Ok guys, this is the last new year related post. As like every January, fitness and weight loss propaganda is filling our senses from every direction, and gyms are bursting with new members. It can get somewhat annoying, at least for me because the classes and gym are always full. I don’t see it that much here in India though, as the fitness world hasn’t really reached here yet, thank god! At least there are much less women at the gym as compared to very ripped men. Fitness stuff is more for men here I guess. I feel like in the west the fitness boom is so hot right now and it can get very competitive there. But I believe with common sense and basic exercising you can be healthy and look great.

I have exercised my whole life (more or less) and now a bit more, which is great and I love it. There are a lot of areas I want to improve in my body. But I am still eating whatever I want and just loooooove laying in bed watching tv and munching :D. Anyways, I like to do cardio and high-intensity, functional training. I try to lift weights also but that’s not really my strong area. As I have increased exercise in my everyday life, I wanted to get some new gym gear and found some on sale. I love printed tights, as they hide a bit of extra flab in the bottom ;D. Again, probably half of my gym clothes are Adidas, as I love the style and fit the most. But Nike definitely has the best sneaks!

Adidas, Puma, Nike gym gear

Adidas, Puma, Nike gym gear
Adidas top and water bottle, Puma tights, Nike sneakers

Adidas, Puma, Nike gym gear


Adidas, Puma, Nike gym gear


Adidas, Puma, Nike gym gear

I recently invested in a Shock Absorber sports bra, one of the best brands out there and I couldn’t be happier! Definitely the best I have ever had and I will never buy anything else.

Hopefully you guys are exercising regularly, and not just in January, but don’t take it too seriously either 😉



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Fashion & lifestyle blogger from Finland, married to Indian man and living in urban Singapore. Fashion & beauty addict, gym & yoga lover, always up for some fun! ;)

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