Top 5 reasons to live in India

Goa Beach

So I made a post about the things that annoy me the most here in Delhi, you can read it here. Now I decided to present the perks of living here, for any foreigner who might consider moving here. This is my Top 5 for living in India:

Food – I think the whole indian culture heritage is built around food. It is such an important part of everyday life, and I’ve learnt that it’s a very serious matter. The food is good. Like amazing. And it’s everywhere anytime. And the best thing is, any food can be delivered to your doorstep in 30 minutes. And there’s a rule here; if it’s not delivered within 30 minutes, it’s free! I just ordered 2 pizzas and sodas and the guy was at my door after 15 minutes of placing the order! I also found an online shop that delivers wine and beer. Also groceries can be ordered online. I order groceries and household items twice a week from and they deliver on the same day, or the next. Incredible. Learning indian cooking over the years has definitely made my diet healthier as it’s full of vegetables, lentils, beans and nuts, fresh and dried fruits, spices etc. Simple food made in a special way.

Goa Breakfast
Huge breakfast at the Taj Holiday Village Goa

The Help – The easiest thing to get used to in India. Maids, chefs, cleaners and drivers are available to many. I literally don’t have to do anything around the house. Except wash my wool and silk clothes because I don’t want them to get ruined. And if I want finnish food, I have to cook it of course. One day I made mashed potatoes and Rahul said it’s the only good thing coming from Finland :D. What about me?!?! Our chef and cleaner are here every morning (except on Sunday) and do anything I say. Usually the chef serves breakfast, then cooks 2-3 indian dishes for lunch and dinner. Then she serves lunch, cuts fruits, makes salad, and finally cleans up. It’s like heaven, not doing the dishes!

People – The people here are very nice. They are helpful and polite. I mean even little boys are so well-behaved. One time at the mall I came from the ladies’ washroom and at the same time this about 10-year-old boy stepped out from the men’s room. When we were about to cross each other, he stopped right there and then, nodded to me to walk forward first, waited after I had passed him, and then came after me aaaawwwww. And the men are very helpful as well; they open doors for you, they get you sports equipment at the gym, they hand you anything you can’t reach on your own etc. Nice.

Women are not sex objects – The great difference compared to the west is definitely the view of women. Women here don’t need to wear skimpy clothes and show their cleavage or legs to get attention, or to be noticed. They don’t need to wear makeup or get fake nails, fake hair, fake lashes, injections and fake boobs. There is so much competition about loks in the west that it’s exhausting. Women are not being objectified by men in a same way as in the west, for sure. Ok, they do stare here quite a lot, but hey, they stare at a woman’s face! In the west it’s like all about sex constantly when it comes to women.

Perspective – Coming from a welfare society like Finland can make you quite lazy and ungrateful sometimes. Living in India truly gives you perspective in life. Makes you appreciate your country more. Also makes you more aware of the world and changes you in a way. That busy, competitive, performance-oriented life and living according to the general standards of the finnish public can be exhausting. I don’t think I have met an adult person in Finland who is completely happy with their job and all the other aspects of their life. Maybe more people should discover the world and see how the other parts of the world draw energy from community, family, spirituality and nutrition.

There are so many places in India I haven’t seen and would like to. Beautiful places with unique scenery and so much variety in culture. I have only visited a few places so far: Delhi, Chennai, Goa, Pondicherry.

Yet to come (hopefully): Ludhiana (for our wedding!), Kerala, Agra, Bangalore, Mumbai.

Goa Palm Tree



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