The Body Shop all-in-one BB Cream Review

RI tried to use BB creams way back in 2012 but I never liked them because I found them too greasy and they didn’t provide enough coverage for me. Also my skin was in poor condition so I always needed a foundation to cover it up. Only in the past 1 year I have discovered the benefits of BB creams. My skin is better now and I realised, the less make up I use, the less clogged pores I will get. I also discovered that BB cream is really a cream (tadaaa) :D. I used to apply a moisturiser and then BB cream, which of course made my face very greasy. Now I only wash my face and then apply BB cream, as it provides enough moisture and the result is even and feather light. This way I get a light coverage but still have that natural glow of moisture. Actually BB cream is the one product I can’t live without now.

I have been very happy with Lancome’s Hydra Zen BB Cream. Now it’s almost finished and I went to Lancome and asked for it, but it’s not even launched in the indian market yet (they said). Of course there was the older version of the cream, which is also good, but the price was giving me the chills. So I did some research online and decided to try the Body Shop’s all-in-one BB Cream instead. I love Body Shop and slowly I have moved towards organic, natural skin- and haircare products, and therefore reduced the chemical intake of my body. I have already tried some ayurvedic medicines too. And the best part is that here in Delhi, the prices are cheaper than in Finland for Body Shop 🙂

The Body Shop all-in-one BB Cream
The Body Shop all-in-one BB Cream


I was a little worried that there were only 2 shades out of 5 available in the store in Delhi. I chose the shade 02 (medium), as it was the fairest, and the pigment capsules would hopefully blend into my skin (as it promises to do). The tube is convenient and small enough to take along to travels.

The Body Shop all-in-one BB Cream in shade 02
The Body Shop all-in-one BB Cream in shade 02


At first, the cream feels a bit grainy but blends really well after applying onto the skin. I love that it’s fragrance free! It’s so difficult to find fragrance free make up outside Scandinavia. Turns out, that the color is perfect for me now. I’m very pale at this time of the year, and I always need two different BB creams/foundations for the winter and the summer. Right after I applied it, my face seemed a bit greasy, but after a minute or two, my skin absorbed the cream and I was left with a nice glow and a moisturised feel. I think this BB Cream provides just enough light coverage for uneven skintone, sun damage and dark circles around the eyes. In these pics I don’t have any other make up on except the BB Cream (and lip balm on my lips). And this is the closest you will see me without make up haha.

Au naturel!
Au naturel!


Overall, I’m happy with this purchase. It cost me about 20 €, and I think it will last in my daily use approximately 1-2 months. The only downside in this is that it doesn’t have any sun protection in it. But otherwise it’s actually as good as Lancome’s BB Cream and 30€ cheaper, so I’m definitely going to switch ;).


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