Traveling Cute & Comfy

Hi friends! I’m flying off to Chennai today and I wanted to share how to travel in a cute but comfortable way. It’s pretty chilly in Delhi now and it’s going to be nice to go to the south to warmer weather with sea breeze, hopefully not so polluted as it’s been in Delhi now.

It’s only a 2,5 hour flight from Delhi to Chennai, but I don’t like flying so I’ll do anything to keep myself busy and cozy on flight. Here are my traveling and flying essentials, as without them I’m not boarding a plane πŸ™‚

Loose, comfy and something warm.

Forever 21 flannel shirt & vest, H&M leggings, DKNY bag


Forever21 knitted vest

I always choose leggings for flying and a long top layered with something warm; a vest or a shawl or a cardigan. Planes are usually very cold, and now I have a sore throat also, so this knitted vest is perfect to wear or to remove if it gets too hot in the destination. I always carry a big crossbody bag to carry the essentials and to stuff the knit inside if needed. This DKNY leather bag is by far my most used bag and it has endured my daily use very well <3.


Nike sneakers
Nike sneaks

I always wear sneaks or loafers on a plane, just to be comfy and warm enough on the feet. And socks are a must-have!

A good book.

Japanese Lover book

Reading a book is a good time pass and it diverts my mind from the fact that I’m sitting in the air and might be crashing to my death soon.

Hand cream and lip balm.

Dermosil hand cream and Clarins lip balm

That airplane ACΒ is just so dry and makes the skin very dull. I have to apply hand cream and lip balm when I’m flying. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector is the one product I keep buying after the tube is finished. I have this in 4 shades, I think :D. The perfect combination of lip balm and lip gloss! Perfect to apply, doesn’t need a mirror either.

Next post from Chennai, hopefully! What are your travel essentials? Please share with me in the comments section πŸ™‚


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