Undergarments Online – Really?!

Undergarments… what a pain in the ass (literally ha). At least for me they’re a necessary evil that have to be updated once or twice a year, and it’s always difficult to find a good size and fit. Now I’m in India, where the sizes are all screwed up and after rummaging through the 2 (!) bra shops at the mall, desperation drove me to the biggest undergarment online shop in India: Zivame.com. I normally wouldn’t even consider getting underwears online, but I kind of had to now. After ruling out all the sizes that didn’t fit me at the shops, I could filter the selection by one size, which left me with 24 bras in the site. Ok, I’ll take it. Pretty nice selection, but my size really narrowed the variety. I ordered two different kinds for only about 10โ‚ฌ each (wow). In Finland I would have to pay three or four times more! This coral piece was surprisingly a perfect fit :). The other one was not good, so I’ll exchange it. Here in India it’s easy and free. The couriers always comes to your doorstep to handle these things.

Zivame Bra
Zivame Bra

I also found some cute nightwear on sale. Why is it that even though spending so much time at home and in bed, we still tend to sleep in ugly old t-shirts and grandma panties? :D. I figuredย it’s time to get some cutesy things!

Leopard print pyjama
Leopard print pyjama set


Zivame night dress
Zivame night dress


Sweet dreams! ๐Ÿ™‚


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