Wedding Dress Inspiration

I haven’t dreamt about my wedding dress like every other little girl did, actually at one point I thought I didn’t even want to get married at all. But over the years you start to want different things in life :). So for a while I have dreamt about a beautiful, white princess ball-gown with lace details. Turns out, white color is banned in indian wedding (as well as black). So my dreams are shattered :D. The next color I wanted was gold, but I’m so pale it wouldn’t really suit me, and the indian bride normally wears a bright color of red, pink etc. I thought that a peachy color would be quite neutral and suits me as well. So I’m going forΒ a peachy wedding lehenga! And to those who don’t know, a bridal lehenga is like a long, heavily beaded and embroidered skirt, and you wear it with a short top (blouse) and a dupatta (scarf or wrap).

The good thing about indian wedding dresses is that the more bling, the better. Luckily I love me some sparkles… And I also learnt, that as wedding lehengas weigh like tons, I have to have another dress for the evening. I will probably go for a light saree. Here are some of my favourite indian style wedding dresses:



This is probably way too plain for an indian bride, but I love it!






Exciting news! I got my second-hand wedding lehenga through a courier today! Wedding stuff costs a lot here, it’s such a huge business in India, and I have no interest in finding a new dress in 2 months. I will just buy new accessories to match the dress. Such a relief as I really love the color of the dress, and the bling is not too overpowering. It just needs some tailoring and it’ll be good to go :). Here’s a sneak peak of my wedding dress, and that’s all you’ll get πŸ˜€

Wedding lehenga


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