Wedding Jewellery Inspiration

Indians and jewellery…what can I say? They just match :D. I used to wear a lot more jewellery. I had stacks of cheap jewellery I updated whenever the old ones broke or went out of style. But ever since I got my first diamond earrings (and my diamond engagement ring last year), I have realized it’s better to have a few precious gold and silver pieces to wear every day and quit buying so much all the time. I still have a lot, but I don’t really wear them, so I will probably give up most of it soon. In India it’s hard not to buy jewellery as it’s everywhere and really affordable. But also the quality of it annoys me, as even gold/gold plated jewellery can break easily or lack some stones. I have a gold necklace that has broken twice already!

On indian wedding the bride is truly covered in jewellery from head to toe. And they have very creative places to put jewellery on. There are some pieces the bride has to wear even after the wedding day, to signal that she is now a married woman. I’m not going to get into detail about all the significance of jewellery on indian marriage, as for me, frankly, it’s just jewellery :). But here are the two pieces that I’m going to wear after the wedding day too:

The Choora – A set of red and ivory bangles (7-9 bangles on each wrist) usually worn for 40 days after the wedding.


The Mangalsutra – A necklace made of black beads and a thread. It’s worn as a sign of a woman’s marital status, and signifies the long life of her husband.


On my wedding day I will wear a necklace, a maang tikka (on the head/forehead), earrings, bangles and anklets. And of course my engagement/wedding ring!indian-bridal-with-makeup-and-heavy-jewelry-91




Don’t torget the feet





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