The Girlfriend Jeans

We all love the super comfy boyfriend jeans with ripped details, but I want my jeans to fit nicely. I found these cool jeans from Zara sale for rs 990 (about 13€)! Usually I don’t like the boyfriend cut, as loose jeans tend to make my hips look a lot bigger, but the fit of these ones was so good I decided to get them. I was also hesitant about the holes on these that will tear completely open in use, but I can always patch them up. These jeans are by the name of boyfriend jeans, but for me these look definitely more like girlfriend jeans because of the higher waist and the tighter fit.

These are the last days to wear a leather jacket here in Delhi as the thermometer is about to hit 30 degrees in the daytime. So I’m using my favourite piece; the classic black leather jacket that fits me perfectly! Investment in real leather is worth it, as it will last and become soft and beautiful in time. I just hate fake leather…I usually buy all my bags and leather jackets in authentic leather. In shoes I prefer real leather, but sometimes I want to get cheap shoes to wear for one or two seasons as they wear out easily. But classics I always buy in good quality material. And by the way, those branded, great leather shoes and boots in Finland you buy for 50€-200€ all come from here, and the manufacturing costs like 10€-20€ a pair! Same with all leather goods. Think about that..

Zara boyfriend jeans
Zara jeans & leather jacket, Mango t-shirt, Karen Millen clutch, Nike sneakers, Nomination necklace

Boyfriend jeans outfit

Boyfriend jeans outfit





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