Finnish Cosmetics Haul

Being in finnish climate for 9 days has ruined my skin. I can’t believe how bad it has become here; super dry, chapped almost and my face is full of blemishes and red irritation :O. Even my eyeballs are dry! It’s funny how I could see the deterioration of my skin day by day. From skin point of view I can’t wait to get back to the humid climate of Delhi. I’ve been hauling all kinds of cosmetics here, like hair products and skincare products and some makeup as well. I just can’t find everything I need in India. But I’ve realised that I’ve cut down on my usage of products and cosmetics quite a lot. I noticed that even here I’ve been roaming freely without any makeup on! And believe me, it’s a big deal, as I remember I could’t leave the house or even go to the gym without something on my face.

I got some finnish skincare products this time, as I fell in love with the packaging and scent of this Herbina Moisture Balance -series. I know that now we’re going to have to use AC in Delhi as it’s getting hot, so I need moisture for my skin. Finnish cosmetics are really good and suit the sensitive skin type of most Finns. I got the cleansing foam, rose water, moisturiser and moisturising face mask. When using the mask it says to wipe or wash it off after 10 minutes, but my skin absorbed all of it in a few minutes and there was nothing left to wipe :D.

Herbina Moisture Balance
Herbina Moisture Balance super cute packaging

I’ve been using this CosmEthics App, which scans the bar code of any cosmetic product and gives warnings and the full list of what the product contains. It’s super convenient, but they have a limited database, so it cannot recognize many foreign products. I scanned these, and there was a plastics alert in the moisturisers, but I bought them anyways. And fragrance alert was in the rose water, but I’m not really that allergic to fragrances. The cleansing foam had no harmful ingredients according to the app.

Cosmethics App screenshot
CosmEthics App screenshot of a clear product


Cosmethics App screenshot of an alert
CosmEthics App screenshot of an alert

You can download the app here.

Today I’m flying back to Delhi and I feel kind of sad. I’m happy to get “home” where our life is, but I so miss those girls’ nights and just spending time with my friends & family babbling for hours. We’ll be super busy though in Delhi now as the wedding is right around the corner and we have some more traveling and shopping ahead. We don’t even have our wedding outfits ready yet :O.



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