Visiting Ludhiana, Punjab

Long time no….write? 😀 The days are just passing by with tremendous speed, I can’t believe it’s my birthday soon! We were visiting Rahul’s hometown for a few days this week for the official registration of our marriage and other wedding planning as well. We took the train from Delhi, which was an interesting experience…

Somewhere in India
Pic from the train
Snacks on indian train
Snacks on the train

The train from Delhi took only 4 hours and we had booked first class cart. Even though it looked a bit shabby inside, we had 3 meals during the journey. First we got this tray of snacks, and then later on we had some soup with bread sticks, followed by a veg or non-veg dinner with 3 different curries, rice and chapatti. And also dessert was being served and it was vanilla ice cream! You can always trust indians and food, even though the setting would not be picture perfect ;). The train back from Ludhiana was a bit slower and bumpier, agonizing 6 hours…. boy was I glad to be home after that.

The registration of our marriage was also very, very interesting. We had made an appointment with some agent who handled the paper work regarding the matter, and we had to wait in some government “space” for our turn to prove our identities and so on. It was like an open, dirty hall with dozens of those agents sitting behind their desks, that had a typing machine on them. Yes, that really old kind of typing machine! The next day we had to go to the same place to sign something again. We learnt, that our picture will be published in local newspaper and if anyone comes forward in 30 days’ time saying that they are already married to either one of us, then we’re not allowed to get married. Yes, for real.

Welcome flowers
Welcome flowers

During our stay we also finalised other wedding plans, and I got my dresses custom-made with the help of a family member, and I got to meet some of my new family!

Had a very pleasant visit in Ludhiana 🙂 and next time I’ll go there to get married!




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