Last Minute Wedding Jitters

Yikes, it’s only 6 days until the wedding day! The time is passing so slowly right now. I can feel the restlessness rising already as I still don’t really know what’s going to happen. I don’t know the exact schedule or program. I also don’t know who is going to do my henna tattooing, makeup and hair. I already did a post about my bridal makeup inspiration, you can read it here.

I’m also very particular about my hair. Luckily I purchased a clip-on hair extension already in Finland, so I will have more hair to work with. I really love these hairdos with low messy buns and curls. I want to add some peach and coral flowers on the side.

Wedding hair inspo

Wedding hair inspo

Wedding hair inspo

I really wanted a cake to be added for the wedding reception (even though it’s not an indian thing). I just can’t have a wedding without a cake, can I!? I mean who doesn’t LOVE cake??

Wedding cake inspo Wedding cake inspo Wedding cake inspo

And then yesterday it occured to me that I have to have a bouquet to carry on my hands for sure. Flowers look so pretty in pictures and I will have them in my hair also. But I don’t want only basic, boring roses. I want  some exotic flowers and bright colors, but still the bouquet shape should be simple and not too big. Hopefully that will be arranged too :D.

Wedding bouquet Wedding bouquet Wedding bouquet

So basically I’m just hoping everything will be alright and most importantly, many members of the family can attend.

I’m already waiting impatiently for my mom, sister and brother to arrive here on friday. We will have a hectic week ahead. During the weekend we will visit the biggest malls in Delhi for some last minute shopping, spa treatments and fancy dinners. I will take them to the Lotus Temple and also a great bazaar called Dilli Haat, which has authentic indian handicrafts, shawls, jewellery, clothes, accessories you name it. Then we will travel to Ludhiana for the wedding and come back here for a few days again. I actually didn’t plan a trip to Finland at all, but turns out since we are extending our stay in Delhi further, my visa is expiring in May. So I have to apply for a new visa in Helsinki. First I was very disppointed, but then I was like yay, I get to see all my friends and my niece and do whatever I like in Finland for 2 weeks :). And it will be Vappu (Labour Day/1st of May) which is a huge celebration in Finland. But on the other hand I’m bummed to be apart from my new husband for 2 weeks :(. We are planning our honeymoon in June, which is on me by the way, and I will decide where we go haha!

Coming up this week: A classic outfit and something hand-made by my sister… Stay tuned xxx




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