My Wedding Day

Hiiii! It’s been almost a month since my last post and I feel super bad. I’ve been so busy with the wedding (recovery) and my trip to Finland. I just received the wedding photos so I can tell you a summary of our wedding day. It was kind of hectic and most of the time I didn’t know what was happening, but all went well and I would like to thank everyone who made it there  <3.

Hotel Nagpal Regency
The venue


Wedding dining room

Marriage altar
Marriage altar

The day started for my fiancé with functions with his family including riding on a horse to the marriage palace. I was getting ready in my hotel with makeup and hair stylist. When I arrived to the marriage palace, everyone was already there and we were placed at the altar for pictures and some rituals.

Indian wedding

Indian marriage

After many many pictures with all the family members we cut the cake. It was chocolate yum.

Wedding cake cutting
Wedding cake cutting

Wedding cake

Then I had a photo session with the photographer (another post coming up about that :D) and we took photos with Rahul and me as husband and wife in somewhat awkward poses haha. We are getting a real hard copy wedding album from those photos later on.


Finnish-Indian Wedding

There was little dancing and I managed to eat at some point, even though I missed most of the foods :O

Here I'm like "Let me eat I'm starving!"
Here I’m like “Let me eat I’m starving!”

finnish-indian wedding

finnish-indian wedding

finnish-indian wedding

At the end of the wedding, there was a hindu fire ceremony with different rituals. In these pics we are tied together with a thread and going around the fire 7 times.

Fire ceremony

Hindu fire ceremony

Finnish-Indian couple
The happy couple!

I really want to have a small ceremony for friends in Finland in 1 year maybe, for our 1st wedding anniversary. Nothing big, but let’s see 😀


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10 thoughts on “My Wedding Day

  1. It all looks so magical! I have been to an Indian wedding once as a child but all I remember is the bling bling and colourfulness of it 🙂 Your blog is very interesting by the way.


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