Shopping in Finland

Almost right after our wedding I had to travel to Finland to get a new visa. It was nice to see my friends and the spring was beautifully blooming in Helsinki! Too bad I deleted all the pics from my phone, which I took on my long walks with my friend and her dog :D. So yes, nature was pretty, but at least I can share my shopping with you guys (which is way more interesting anyways).

My mission number one was to get a new bikini for our honeymoon! I had already given up until I went to this Scandinavian chain KappAhl and found it. It’s impossible to find bikinis in Delhi. Most women don’t wear any. I have only seen a few indian women ever by the pool or the beach in a swimsuit. If they do swim, they use these covering swimming suits with sleeves and long shorts, kind of like a scuba suit.

KappAhl bikini, Mango sunglasses
KappAhl bikini, Mango sunglasses

I snatched these Mango sunnies a well, because I don’t really want to wear expensive shades on the beach and in the water. I love the green mirror lense.

I was prepared to haul some luxury cosmetics at Helsinki Airport but none of the items were available there :/. So I had to compensate and get this Longchamp cosmetic bag in beige. I’ve had the same one in black but I sold it way back. The black color was too boring for me. Well, like beige is super adventurous haha! But this Longchamp pouch is handy for storing small items inside a large bag (like gym bag) and also to be taken out as it is, if a bag is not needed. I wanted a neutral color so that it would match with everything. I really liked the bright citrus yellow colored one, but I know I wouldn’t use that.

Longchamp cosmetic bag beige Longchamp cosmetic bag beige Longchamp cosmetic bag beige


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