Singapore – The Land of Cleanliness

Hi guys, I’ve been offline from the blog due to travel and busy schedule. We flew to Singapore and our main purpose was to find an apartment there. And we did! More to come later.

Giant snowman at Vivo City
Giant snowman at sunset at Vivo City

This was our second time in Singapore and I just love the place, as it’s so versatile in nature. It has everything you can imagine; vibrant city, beautiful beaches, sun, rain, lush greenery, gorgeous architecture, luxury living and so many entertainment facilities. The only negative part about Singapore is that it’s super expensive. Flying in from Chennai, India I was so amazed by the cleanliness everywhere, and especially the condition of public toilets made me so happy hahaha. The airport toilets had toilet basin desinfection wipes, toilet paper (you would think this is a necessity but nope, not in India), automated soap containers and faucets (no need to touch germs) and even self-flushing toilet seats :D. Sometimes I think if indian women are taking showers in the toilets because they are floating with water on the toilet seat and all over the floor! I am still not clear about the toilet culture in India, like what do they do there?!?

Ok, enough about Singapore/India toilet culture.. We stayed at Bay Hotel due to Rahul’s office location, which is on the West Coast. Right opposite to Vivo City and Harbourfront shopping malls. I love this area, but I wouldn’t recommend Bay Hotel to people. The area has a lot of nature, parks, hills and trails. The harbour is also there and Sentosa island is very near, which has beaches and many things to do for fun. We also looked at condos in this area.

Vivo City and Monorail to Sentosa Island
Vivo City and Monorail to Sentosa Island
Vivo City Mall
Vivo City Shopping Centre
Harbour Singapore
Harbour (I love this playsuit with longer shorts from KappAhl)

Two days we went downtown to the business hub, and the architecture is just breathtaking there! Coming from the land of flat, Finland, the tall skyscrapers were just overpowering in a good way! The area is filled with well-dressed, polished people; men in their collar shirts and women in their cocktail dresses and heels. Overall I noticed that women look very well maintained and dress rather provocatively even at the office.


Lunch hour at Raffles Quay
Lunch hour at Raffles Quay

Every place has these huge Hawker’s Markets filled with different cuisines. You can sit outside or inside and get cheap but tasty food of your choice. And the variety is just neverending! Too bad I didn’t take pics of those, but you can see the corner of one of them in the above pic on the left side. They’re not gourmet or anything pretty, but they have like dozens of little food stalls. Per meal you only pay 5-10 dollars.




One day we just walked down the street and came to Marina Bay with the famous sight. We are not very keen on sights and tourist spots, but I dragged Rahul here for pics. We also visited the mall there with all the designer boutiques, but I actually didn’t shop anything during this whole trip. Rahul had me on a leash :D. I only bought some Korean face masks (which are great by the way for moisturising), lip balm and lipstick at Watson’s. It’s a local drugstore you could say.

Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands

Stay tuned for 3 more posts of my Singapore expeditions 😀



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