Singapore’s Mount Faber – Nature Lover’s Lush Hideaway

Number one thing I’ve missed dearly during these 8 months stay in Delhi is the nature and walking/running freely. And I never thought I would miss that! But when it’s taken away from you, you realise how important it is for a Finn. Finland has nature everywhere, Delhi has practically zero. Either it’s burnt grass, too crowded everywhere or too hot to step outside. And the distances also create trouble, for me especially it’s hard to go out alone really.

I was happy to see that our hotel was right below the Mount Faber Peak & Park in Singapore. There are walking and cycling trails all over the country and clearly they were built to connect the whole distance of the island.


It was pretty hot in Singapore as it’s summer there, about 30-35 degrees celcius, but it was nothing compared to Delhi. Air is thick and very humid, so breathing is a bit tougher than normally. Nevertheless, I enjoyed walking freely here at Mount Faber! I felt like I was in a jungle really, so much greenery was around us and the sights were also amazing. I felt like an explorer seeing the beautiful scenery open up after rising up the thick vegetation step by step.


You can see many tourists in the area, but also locals hiking and jogging there. You can take the cable car up in the air from Mount Faber Peak all the way to Sentosa Island, but we didn’t as I’m scared of tight spaces and Rahul is scared of heights :D. I have no desire to hang inside a small ball at high altitudes…


We saw some cute momma and baby turtles in the pond there <3. It’s a great place for peace and quiet, walking, jogging and just being in nature. We actually went up there 2 times and next time we’ll take the whole round in the park.


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