Easy Breezy Sentosa Island

On our previous Singapore trip we also visited Sentosa Island, read about it here. It’s a huge island next to the West Coast and you can walk there from Vivo City through Sentosa Gateway. This time we only went for a stroll in the touristy area, where a lot of families go to have fun time. But if you take the “tram” or monorail further, there are beautiful beaches with beach bars & live music. I really want to go there for a full day as there’s so much to do.

Sentosa Gateway
Sentosa Gateway




Singapore Sling
Singapore Sling

On another day, we met some friends for a lovely dinner in Sentosa Cove; a pittoresque little village full of condos and apartments by the sea.  There were a lot of restaurants and great ambience, I actually liked it much better because it wasn’t such a tourist spot. We went to a nice French bistro, but the prices there are breathtaking too :D. I don’t have any pics of the dinner though.


You can see our new home in the background!

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