At the Movies – Indian Style

I can’t believe I haven’t been to the movies in India ever! We normally prefer renting/watching movies at home in our comfort as we don’t like crowds and all that… We were meaning to go to movie theatre many times, but the english movies just aren’t that interesting which they air here. Now they’re showing the new Independence Day movie, so we went to PVR Gold Class in Select Citywalk. And it was an experience for sure! 🙂 Ticket was about the same prize as in Finland but here you get so much more. With 20€ you get your own, private recliner, a warm blanket, wet wipes, a full food & drinks menu to order from throughout the show, waiters, lamps and complimentary water omg!

PVR Gold Class Select Citywalk
PVR Gold Class Select Citywalk
PVR Gold Class Select Citywalk
Our seats, just made for lovebirds ❤
The blanket was the best part as I’m always freezing in AC, especially in movie theaters!


We ordered a burger meal, popcorn and chocolate cake. But sushi was on the menu as well :O

PVR Gold Class menu



It was definitely worth the money, even though it’s like 3 or 4 times more expensive than normal movie experience in India. I felt like I was watching a movie at home but ten times better. It was a 3D movie which was great too. And if anyone is interested in Independence Day, the actual movie haha, I liked it, even though reviews haven’t been amazing. It was similar to the original one, but I really missed Will Smith! And don’t expect any surprises as the plot was very predictable. For me though it was entertaining and kept me engaged the 2 hours, in fact it could have been a bit longer. Or maybe I was just too comfy in my recliner ;).




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3 thoughts on “At the Movies – Indian Style

  1. So it wasn’t basically dark at all in the theatre, or did everyone turn off the lights during the film? If not, did the lights take away any of the athmosphere?


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