Salt Spray and Favorite Lipstick

My aspirations of ultimate comfort has recahed new heights. If I even bother to put on makeup, I certainly don’t have the patience to do my hair and vice versa :D. So here I obviously did my face, but I just let my hair dry after washing and put my favorite product in the whole world: Balmain Salt Spray. It’s a saviour to my Scandinavian, uber slippery annoying hair that just won’t stick in any position. This salt spray is the best one of its kind I have tried! It smells divine, it gives matte texture but it’s not sticky at all. I’m already worried where I’ll get my next fix, it must be available in Singapore??

Balmain Texturizing Salt Spray
Balmain Texturizing Salt Spray





I actually don’t like MAC’s lipsticks at all, as their texture just doesn’t suit my lips. At least the ones I’ve tried, the stick doesn’t glide on my lips and the color just gathers in one spot leaving the result unflattering. But one time I picked this Mattene Lipstick and it’s totally different! It’s so smooth like velvet without being too dry. The result is matte, which normally doesn’t work with my super dry lips, but this has become my favorite. And it lasts even eating and drinking. After many hours it dries up a little bit but that’s fine.

Mac Mattene Lipstick in Personal Pick
Mac Mattene Lipstick in Personal Pick







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2 thoughts on “Salt Spray and Favorite Lipstick

  1. That salt spray sounds interesting, I’ve never even heard of it! I must keep a lookout. My hair is surprisingly at its best in humid temperatures but in Finland often limp…


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