What 8 Months in India Left Me With..

Finnish girl in Indian suit

Tomorrow we will leave Delhi behind and it feels like we spent more than 8 months here. We were supposed to live here for 3 months but it suddenly got extended further and further. My husband’s work and love for his home country probably had something to do with it :). He is Indian, but I will never be, of course, and I have had amazing times and difficult times here.

I decided to list down the 5  things I will definitely miss and the 5 things that I will not miss in India.

What I will miss:

  1. Maids. No surprise here 😀
  2. Food. Affordable & tasty everywhere you go!
  3. Online shopping. Easy, fast, cheap.
  4. Big house. And all its comforts.
  5. Seeing Rahul happy here.

What I will not be missing:

  1. Weather. Super hot.
  2. Crowds & traffic. Always loud and slow.
  3. Lack of nature. There is none in Delhi.
  4. Being treated dumb & voiceless. Sometimes being a woman here can be a struggle.
  5. Being ogled & always being a little cautious. I can never truly relax here in public.
  6. I just have to put internet here as extra point! SLOW AS SNALE.

Living here has proved that I’m so Finnish :D. I need my space, when people tend to stand too close to me here. I need peace & quiet, and honestly can go for days at home without speaking to anyone! Crowds and noise give me anxiety. Getting too much attention is annoying. I never used to speak my mind about bad food, bad service etc, because Finns tend to suck it up or the customer servants just make you feel bad if you dare to speak up. But nowadays I’m always demanding more and more as it’s the habit here in India. Once I said to my husband: “You really have to be bitchy in this country to survive”. He replied: “I think you’re doing a pretty good job at that”. 😀 :O




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Fashion & lifestyle blogger from Finland, married to Indian man and living in urban Singapore. Fashion & beauty addict, gym & yoga lover, always up for some fun! ;)

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