New Organic Crush – Shea Butter

Staying in India I’ve become more and more interested in organic, natural cosmetics. There is so much variety in India on organic skincare and it’s super cheap, as origin is mainly indian. By chance I went to this shop Inatur on the last day of my stay in Delhi, and such a shame I had never visited that one before! There were good quality, 100% organic products available and by accident I tried this shea butter on my hands and I had to buy it. My hands are just eternally chapped and seem to react to anything I touch and eat, and even cleaning and water is making them worse. I have basically given up on them by now, as I haven’t found a cream which would help. Let’s see if this could be my saviour! I got this 100g shea butter jar for 7 € and I just checked a finnish equivalent at Ruohonjuuri, which cost 15 €.

Inatur Organic Shea Butter

Inatur Organic Shea Butter

Shea Butter is excellent for dry skin and scalp. It can be used on whole body and even face, and it also prevents stretch marks. I have used it on my hands and lips only for now, but I’ll try it on my scalp and on my face as night cream too, and see if it suits. Normally I use jojoba oil during the night, which has been my favorite oil for years.

Inatur Organic Shea Butter

The color of shea butter is plain and it’s unscented which I love. The texture is lovely creamy and buttery and it reacts with heat and is easy to apply. It does leave a buttery/oily finish onto the skin, which suits dry & sensitive skin type the best. Shea butter should not be stored in hot places though.

Inatur Organic Shea Butter


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