Singapore – 1 Month In

Reflections at Keppel Bay Condo
Reflections at Keppel Bay Condo

Oops, I have just put the blog aside for this whole time we have been in Singapore. Not sure why but the time is just flying here! Now our apartment is almost done, although it’s super minimalistic and guest room is still empty. I just hate buying furniture/interior stuff and for me, less is more. I don’t like itemsย that don’t have purpose or function in the house and also because I never know when the next move is going to be haha. I’ll take some pictures of our apartment and make a separate post about it later.

Reflections Pool 1
Pool number 1
Reflections Pool 2
Pool number 2
Reflections Jacuzzi
Jacuzzi number 1 (there’s another separate jacuzzi slightly hidden behind some vegetation :D)

As always, it’s an adjustment to move to another country and settle in. Slowly, now I feel like I’m comfortable with the house and surroundings. Luckily the culture here is very modern and free. So many expats are living here, and even though the Chinese culture is very strong here, for me it’s been an easy adjustment. For Rahul maybe a bit more difficult, because all of a sudden he has lost all his “staff” :D. Sometimes he can be really stuck in his ways, but I guess that comes with age haha.

Reflections condo night view
Our condo at night

Reflections & Marina

Seaside promenade Keppel Bay
Seaside promenade. This is the perfect jogging route, but it’s only a couple of kilometers long. But in this heat and humidity it’s surely enough to work up a sweat!

Still, everytime I step out of the house I look up in awe to admire the modern skyscrapers of our condo. And when I walk outside by the marina I’m mesmerized by the view. I have always wanted to live by the sea! Like is this my home?!? Feels like a resort. I am very lucky to have this experience and this lovely place to live in.

Reflections & Caribbean

Marina at Keppel Bay
Marina at Keppel Bay

FullSizeRender 32

I have also joined True Fitness & Yoga at Harbourfront Centre, which is like 5 minutes away by car but 20 minutes by walk. They have all my favorite Les Mills classes and I’ve been doing yoga as well. It’s actually a great form of exercise, in addition to my normal workouts. Rahul has gone all in and hired a personal trainer and is now bulking up with a strict diet as well. So I have made sure to be baking all kinds of cookies and muffins to rub it in his face ;). We are just two sugar addicts!

I love the sunsets from our living room window!!

FullSizeRender 30

I’ll be posting more maybe next week as I have so many ideas lined up, see you then! xx



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