Dermarolling – Microscopic Needles on Your Face

I was gifted this tool. It had sharp metal needles on it and I was told to put it on my face; the most delicate skin on my body 😱. I was like yeah right, never gonna use that.

Then I saw a finnish blogger post about dermarolling. I became interested and did some research how to do it safely. Here’s a useful site for instructions:

I tried it out. Did it very softly, didn’t hurt and didn’t really see any results either. I did some more research and watched videos. I tried again with a little more pressure. The next day I did see some results! I have a huge acne scar next to my ear and was it less visible? Also was my skin a bit plumper, somewhat “tight” and more even-toned?? Hey I’m gonna keep this tool!

The dermaroller creates little channels on your skin, boosting natural collagen production and therefore makes the skin look tighter. It’s also used for treating acne scars and fine lines.

Kathleen Godfroy Micro Needle Roller

I have 1mm needle size so it’s on the bigger side. Less than 0,75mm allows more number of treatment times. I also use rubbing alcohol from pharmacy to desinfect the tool before and after I use it. Revitalizing serums and your normal skincare products have to be used during or after rolling, and always before bedtime because the skin renews itself in the night.

I use my Dr.G Korean skincare toner and serum followed by ozonated olive oil or jojoba oil. My husband calls my olive oil cream “the husband repeller” as it stinks so bad πŸ˜‚. Better not use it every night, I figured, or hubby might sleep in the other room! I got it because it prevents blemishes and helps even out old acne scars. I used to have poor skin but it has become better now. I have accepted that it’s never gonna be perfect, I guess, and all I can do is minimize the blemishes as much as I can.

Ozonated olive oil
Ozonated olive oil

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