Singapore Snap Shots

Over the course of 8 months living in Singapore as an expat, I have taken numerous photos all over the island. Unfortunately, I also deleted most of them recently! But I thought I’d share some clicks from the past couple of months that are not good enough quality to make it to actual blog posts but are fun and hearty in nature. Candid is the key!

I never drink vodka but had one finnish Finlandia bottle in stock and made drinks for me and my friend before heading out to ladies’ night
Some selfies in the car with my Russian friend
At the Bar, Library, where most peculiar drinks are made. I remember someone burnt herself on this smoking pipe πŸ˜€
Duckfaces from Finland, England and Czech Republic
Amazing mango smoothie and latte at TCC ION Orchard
Wine tasting station at Golden Village Gold Class Cinema in Vivo City. Too bad you needed the waiter to pour it πŸ˜€
I was a huge Felicity Tv-show fan when it aired back then and they always hung out in that Dean&Deluca Cafe in New York. I found it in Orchard and just had to go there! I still remember the theme song, uuuuuuhuhuhuuhhuhuhu or something
Amazing shopping haven of Singapore, the Orchard Road with numerous malls
Lah is a word of the local language, Singlish (Singaporean English) I still don’t know what it means :D. But apparently you can use it whenever, Lah!
I loooooove Japanese food. Sushi Tei is one of my favorites! This drink is called Yuzu Soda. Yuzu is a tangy orange-like fruit from Japan. It has some bits of it in the bottom, lovely!
New condo next to ours, Corals at Keppel Bay. Gotta love the Singaporean arhitecture



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Fashion & lifestyle blogger from Finland, married to Indian man and living in urban Singapore. Fashion & beauty addict, gym & yoga lover, always up for some fun! ;)

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