Nail the Perfect Pink Lips

Hi all! I have been in silence for over a week due to annoying illness. Just a cold but these things are rough here in Singapore let me just tell you that! It takes 2 weeks and meds to get rid of these viruses. I got like 8 different drugs for this, which is a bit overkill and didn’t actually takeย all. Ugh! Hate being sick and on top of all I got sick on my actual birthday :((((. Luckily my husband took good care of me even if I was acting like a real baby :D.

Nothing cheers you up after an illness like putting your full face on again right? Perfect time to test these new lipsticks from K.Godfroy, which I received. The colors are just perfect I would say! Today I’m wearing “Glamourai” because I wanted to feel glam after looking like roadkill for the past week.

Look at this perfect popping pink! I love the shade.

So how to choose the perfect pink lipstick? First of all, check your skintone. Cold tones look good onย cold-toned skintones and warm pinks on warm skintones. This is a good guideline. Of course some people go for contrast and it can work too. But ย even your bare eye would tell you if a shade complements your skintone or it doesn’t.

You’ve got the perfect shade of let’s say a trendy matte lippie like this one.

K.Godfroy Cosmetics Deluxe Lipstick in Glamourai

For neat and long-lasting look, apply lip balm and primer/concealer first on your lips. If you have small lips, take a small lipstick brush and use it instead of applying the lipstick straight from the bullet. This allows a precise application of the color and you can draw perfect lines around your lips. Of course a lip liner would be perfect but who has a matching lip liner for each lipstick shade they own? I don’t.

These matte lipsticks don’t need lip liner, as the color won’t smudge easily anyways. For the finishing touch, apply highlighter on the cupids bow and correct mistakes around the lips with concealer!

By the way, I took selfies for the first time using my Nikon camera and boy it was hard, because I had to guess the angle and how I looked in them. A bit here and there but I think it’s a bit better than iPhone image quality.


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