Creative Packaging of Cosmetics Products and Why Women Buy Them

I had to make a post about my new purchases that are just too cute! And that led me to wondering why product packaging is actually so important to women. And why did the superficial packaging affect my decision to buy relatively expensive products?

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Waterproof & The Face Shop Disney Rapunzel's Tone Up Effect Cushion
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Waterproof & The Face Shop Disney Rapunzel’s Tone Up Effect Cushion

Packaging of a cosmetics product can make a huge difference when it comes to women and their buying decision. It all comes down to branding. Cosmetics business is completely dependent on marketing (or price/quality) because many products on the market are basically very similar. So how do we make up our mind which one of the 20 different highlighters to buy?

  1. Price – Category of women who are looking for “a bargain”, an affordable product to save money.
  2. Brand – Loyal women who have discovered one particular brand that suits their needs and don’t want to divert from that because it’s a “safe choice”.
  3. Marketing – Women who might have seen an eye-catching TV ad and made a decision to buy based on effective marketing campaign.
  4. Word-of-mouth – This one is super efficient and organic. Women listen to their friends and read/watch online reviews of makeup products. Instant decision to buy has been made when someone with authority has recommended a particular product.
  5. A Pure Whim – Many women ponder afterwards that why have I bought something I don’t even need or use. So clearly we do make quite many impulse purchases. Maybe it was due to a good sales assistant.
  6. Peer Pressure – Women shop in groups and it’s so easy to talk your friend into buying something on the spot. That’s why we have our friends with us for extra opinion and affirmation.

When it comes to some cute packaging, like the lovely Disney-themed makeup (which is very available here) it’s just fun to grab that everyday to cheer up myself! Or take out a gorgeous lipstick container on a night out from my purse. For me, packaging and design is part of the product, and I can even pay a little extra for it :). I recently saw such cute Barbababa makeup collection at Sephora, omg, but didn’t buy it because the brand was very unknown to me.

I mentioned in this post that my Dior highlighter is about five years old lol. Well, I dropped it on the marble floor and it didn’t break the highlighter(!) but it did damage the packaging which stopped it from closing properly anymore. I figured that yes, time to buy a new one :D. I didn’t actually read reviews of highlighters because I kind of knew what I was looking for. A champagne coloured shimmery highlighter of good quality. After scouting at Sephora and discovering that all the quality highlighters (Urban Decay, Too Faced, Stila, Benefit) were priced between 40-50 dollars :O I found The Balm brand in one other shop. They have the cutest pin-up style packaging and the highlighter looked perfect, PLUS there was 20% discount on it ;).

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter


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