Travelling Essentials On a Long-Haul Flight

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YAY!!! I’m flying to Finland today :)))) So excited because it’s been more than A YEAR since I’ve been to my home country. I cannot wait to see my family and all my friends! One of the main reasons it’s been so long has been the distance between Singapore and Finland. It’s a looooong 12 hr flight, but luckily today I’m flying comfortably in business class.

I like to be prepared, always, wherever I travel. I started creating a packing list a week ago, started packing 4 days in advance and got all the souvenirs before the trip. I don’t like flying at all, but since I have to be there I want all the comfort and entertainment possible. So I’ve prepared with some super cute japanese style travelling essentials :D. I even got one of those colored straps to tie around my suitcase as it never stands out on the luggage belt because it’s black.

Travel Props

Pink mini glass bottle, silicone makeup bag, eye shade and travel pillow from Miniso.

Miniso pink travel essentials



On a long-haul flight I avoid makeup alltogether since I’m sleeping there, but I want to cover the dark circles under my eyes and carry a mini moisturiser and face mist with me along with basic meds.



I plan way ahead what I’ll wear and how the weather is going to be. So now I checked the weather forecast in Helsinki and it’s pretty chilly (compared to Singapore) aroud 15 degrees, but it feels like 10 degrees!! Gotta love that Helsinki ice cold wind ;). So I’ve packed all my favourite knits, hoodies, jeans, jackets and even shawls. Yes, we wear shawls during summer in Finland. I’m always cold on a plane, so I normally wear leggings, socks, a t-shirt and a hoodie, which I can remove and tie on the hips if I get hot.


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