Easy Indian Paneer Cheese Recipe

indian paneer recipe by blogger Findianlife

Ever since we moved to Singapore we haven’t been able to find decent tasting indian cottage cheese (paneer) anywhere ready-made. So I googled how it’s really made and turns out it’s super easy! I have recently learnt how to make my own yoghurt as well and I will never buy it in a store again. Will share the recipe later on.

But all you need for indian cottage cheese is full fat milk and vinegar. You can use lime juice instead of vinegar, but I somehow get more paneer out of the milk using vinegar. You will also need a strainer and a loosely knitted cloth (muslin or cheese cloth or really any cloth) placed on top of a bowl.



2 litres of full fat milk

4 teaspoons vinegar


  1. Bring the milk to a boil in a big pan or kettle. Paneer recipe by blogger Findianlife
  2. When it’s just starting to bubble, add vinegar and stir.
  3. When you see it completely curdled, remove from the stove.Paneer recipe by blogger Findianlife
  4. Drain the curdled milk using the bowl, strainer and cloth.
  5. Now you have the paneer cheese in your cloth, so squeeze all the water out of it, shape it slightly flat and place a heavy weight on top of it.
  6. Let sit for half an hour. It’s ready! You can make paneer dish out of it, cut it, eat it whatever.Paneer recipe by blogger Findianlife
  7. Store the paneer block in the fridge in a container soaked in water to keep it soft. It can preserve for 3 to 4 days.

Later on I will share my indian cottage cheese in cream gravy recipe, so stay tuned!



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