Indian Curd/Dahi Recipe

indian curd dahi yoghurt recipe blog Findianlife

I miss all the yoghurt and milk products from Finland. The variety is much more there when it comes to healthy milk produce. Especially the “fit food” like quark and cottage cheese.

Indians love yoghurt too as a side dish to curries. They call it dahi or curd. I never thought I could make it on my own but then I learnt the method from my mother-in-law. This method will most likely not work in cold climate (such as Finland) though.

You will need a little amount of any plain yoghurt to get the process going in the milk. Also, I noticed that the yoghurt took far less time to set at my mother-in-law’s, probably because they use fresh milk straight out of a cow. For me the setting process takes between 15-24 hours. I usually make it in the afternoon and it would have set completely the next morning.



500ml of milk (you can use low fat or full fat milk)

1 tbsp plain yoghurt


indian curd dahi recipe blog Findianlife

1. Bring the milk to a boil and let it cool until it’s slightly warmer than your hand.

indian curd dahi recipe blog Findianlife

2. Pour it into a container and add yoghurt. Mix very well.

3. Close the container and leave it in your cabinet for as long as it has set completely.

indian curd dahi recipe blog Findianlife
Set yoghurt

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