It’s Fall! Get Active Again with These Practical Tips

How to start moving after a break? Practical tips

We’ve all been there. Summer holiday is gone, you’ve drank and eaten to excess. You’re feeling bloated and getting back to the crowded gym can be challenging. Balancing between work and work-out is difficult sometimes.

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Where’s the motivation?

Two weeks ago I injured my knee in Bodycombat class and it was sore in a way I couldn’t really exercise for 12 days. It was nothing serious at all, but I felt really low and bummed that I couldn’t keep up to my fitness routine. Just when I had had my holidays for weeks! So when the ability is taken away from you, you start to appreciate the task itself.

Nike sportswear Calvin Klein sports bra blog Findianlife

Fitness doesn’t really feel like a pain-in-the-butt if you find the right excercise form and schedule for yourself. And I’m not talking about bikini fitness or bodybuilding! I’m talking about healthy lifestyle and strong & flexible body. But before you can enjoy that healthy body and cofidence, you have to get moving.

How to start moving after a break

Find your sport

You have to enjoy the sport you choose, so try all different kinds of sports and then make a decision. Leave your prejudice at home and just try once. It can be anything between group sports, yoga, HIIT, weight-lifting, running, cycling, group classes at a gym, swimming, dancing, home workouts etc.

How to start moving after a break
Half moon pose

Be active in everyday life

I know people have to commute to work and everywhere, but what if you just made little decisions of walking or cycling? Walk to your grocery store or a friend’s house. Take a bicycle to work. Go for a run in the evening with your spouse.

Grab your spouse or friend

It’s so much easier to be active with some peer pressure. Plus it’s fun to have a friend to workout with! I have a buddy I go to same gym classes with. And when I excercise with my husband, we like to compete with each other. Or trash talk πŸ˜€

Hire a personal trainer

If you have the money, why not spend it on your health? A trainer truly motivates you and there’s no escape for you if you schedule the workouts with your PT. And you don’t have to stress about the right technique or injuries.


How to start moving after a break

Practical tips to start moving

I’m normally pretty good at motivating myself to go to the gym. Because I just love the feeling you get when you exercise. But of course I get lazy too (more often than I would like) and I just magically talk myself out of exercising. On those days when I don’t workout, I try to at least walk a bit or do something. When I feel the lazy PΓ€ivikki is starting to MAKE EXCUSES,Β I find these practical tips effective in finding my self-motivation:

  1. Don’t overthink, just go! You start making excuses about time, energy levels, commute, weather or practically anything. Just stop thinking and leave the house or start doing the exercise. You’ll often feel great that you just went for it. You most likely won’t regret a workout, but you will regret not working out.
  2. Sleep & eat well. Without good sleep and a versatile diet, you will not have energy to workout. So make sure the foundations are right in your routine.
  3. Buy new gear. Believe me, if you have cute new outfits to wear to the gym or comfortable shoes or even a new tennis racket, it makes everything more fun.
  4. Leave your phone. This is something I have wondered all my life. Why do people carry phones to a yoga class or spinning or gym? You don’t need it. Unless you have some urgent call to attend or if you listen to music with it or follow an exercise app. Just leave the phone and be present.
  5. Stop thinking what everyone else thinks. Beacuse that’s a complete waste of time. If you’re at the gym or yoga class, people have 0% interest in what you’re doing there or how you’re doing it. They’re busy working on their bods πŸ˜€
  6. Plan plan plan. Your life should have 20-60 minutes time for exercise daily. Nobody can be that busy. So plan ahead when you’ll do it and where. It can be any form of little exercise in a day.

    How to start moving after a break
    Crow pose

There’s so much to do indoors and outdoors here in Singapore and new fitness trends and sports are popping up on every corner. I just noticed that beer & coffee yoga have landed here and some new mini trampoline workout! I have established the sports I like so I tend to stick to that routine. You most likely won’t see me at the gym lifting weights (unless my hubby has forced me to go with him to the condo gym :D) but I do Bodypump, Bodycombat, HIIT, hot yoga, Bodypump + cxworx, sometimes Bodystep and running outdoors. Just find what you enjoy doing! I used to say I hate yoga, but I hadn’t given it a good chance and was attending completely wrong classes. Now I truly love it!

How to start moving after a break
By the way, this is a yoga pose called happy PΓ€ivikki lol

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5 thoughts on “It’s Fall! Get Active Again with These Practical Tips

  1. So many great tips! It can be tricky to get back into a routine… but you just gotta do it! When I work out regularly, I feel so amazing! I sleep easier, my mood is better, my skin is ultra clear… That is enough motivation to get me to the gym!


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