Childhood Photo Memories

Hi all and happy holidays! I’m in my hometown right now in Finland. I was lucky this time because we had a white Christmas. Although I’m really freezing up here it’s still nice to have snow.

I got the idea for this post from other bloggers in Finland. Many people travel home this season and it’s fun to scroll through some old family photo albums, you know the REAL photographs of actual paper πŸ™‚

Here are some of my best photo memories I dug out from mom’s closet:

When your dad was a hottie :O
And mom πŸ™‚
Dad and entrepreneur life
Mom and my brother 1980
My 1-year birthday in 1988
1989. Fashionable 80’s family <3. We used to go fishing and spend a lot of time outdoors.
My sister and I best friends since 1987 πŸ˜€
Very tanned VΓ€kiparta family
Loved candy already then!
There were good hair days and bad hair days. We spent every Christmas at grandparents’, dressed up, ate a lot of food and had so many presents ❀

We used to spend summers at my grandparents’ in the countryside. We dug out my mom’s and her sister’s old clothes from the 60’s and 70’s & wore them, swam in the lake a thousand times & played cards and gambled πŸ˜€ Those were the days when the summers were hot!

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Fashion & lifestyle blogger from Finland, married to Indian man and living in urban Singapore. Fashion & beauty addict, gym & yoga lover, always up for some fun! ;)

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