Favourite Skincare Products Right Now + DIY Lip Balm Recipe!

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Hi all! I can’t believe it’s almost February! The rainy season is coming to an end in Singapore and hot days are here again. Which means, sweat and break-outs on the face are also back, ugh! That’s why I have listed down my favourites for combination skin; which is dry but still gets oily on the t-zone. I also have rather sensitive skin and cannot use hard products containing acids (glycolic acid, salicylic acid) although they may help some people to fight the pimples.

Daily evening cleanser – Castor oil & jojoba oil blend

This is my ultimate remedy to fight off blackheads and believe me, it works. But you need to do this vigorously every evening. Castor oil helps clear pores and prevent blemishes but nourishes at the same time. There’s no need to use water in this face cleansing method. You can use any carrier oil along with castor oil, like jojoba, sweet almond, apricot, grapeseed oil etc. Use a ratio of 50% castor oil 50% carrier oil or 70% carrier oil and 30% castor oil. Castor oil can be replaced with coconut oil as well. Here’s how to:

  1. Apply the oil blend on your dry face. Massage the oil into the skin at least for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Soak a soft washcloth (do not use regular cotton towel!) in very hot water, squeeze the extra water out of it and lay it on your face for a minute or less to open the pores.
  3. Wipe the face dry with the towel.
  4. Keep wiping until you see no makeup residue on the towel.

You will probably need no moisturizer after doing this! It cleans all makeup perfectly and it’s natural.

Night cream – My homemade rosehip seed moisturizer with shea and mango butter

This is a homemade super nourishing face cream recipe I found online and changed it up a little. It contains shea butter, mango butter, rosehip seed oil, vitamin E oil, rosehip essential oil and beeswax (which I will leave out next time because the texture of the cream will be softer). This is a thick cream so that’s why I use it at night. But it’s 100% natural and can be used as under-eye cream as well. It gives a glow to the skin and is anti-aging because of the nutrients of natural butters and oils. In Finland I only used jojoba oil at night, but in Singapore somehow it doesn’t work for me because of the climate.

Daily morning cleanser – Himalayan salt soap bar

This is a natural block of himalayan salt which is naturally antiseptic and helps sensitive skin with breakouts or excema problems. It doesn’t dry out skin. It can burn a little it being antiseptic if you have open breakouts or small cuts, Β but it’s normal. Here’s how to:

  1. Splash your face with cool water.
  2. Rub the salt bar between your hands and apply the salt on your face.
  3. You can leave it on for a while or you can rinse it right away with cool water.

Face toner – Rose water spray

Sometimes I skip this step completely because I believe toner is quite a useless product. But rose water is good for your skin and spraying it from a spray bottle takes no time at all. Soft skin guaranteed! πŸ™‚

Day cream – Tony Moly Ferment Snail Emulsion

This was an impulse buy when I saw that the hyped Korean brand Tony Moly had openend a store in Vivo City! they had an opening discount so I bought the snail cream. Sounds gross but snail cream promises to have anti-wrinkle benefits and it helps clear hyperpigmentation and discoloration on the face. I have red acne scars and some discoloration daily so I’m waiting to see results. I cannot say anything yet, because I haven’t used this for even a week yet. The texture is super moisturizing but light and the scent has a hint of citrus.

Under-eye cream – My homemade rosehip seed & argan oil eye cream

Another recipe I have modified myself. Argan and rosehip seed oil are both anti-aging nourishing oils and shea butter fights puffiness under the eyes. A small amount is enough!

Face Mask – Lush Rosy Cheeks Clay Mask

I bought this mask in Finland and picked it because it contais rose petals and, well, it’s pink! This has a lovely scent, it purifies pores and leaves skin so plump and soft. I swear after washing off this mask my face color looks more even. The texture is like of a clay mask but more moisturizing and dewy, and not so hard, love it! It’s fresh handmade cosmetics, which will not preserve for long, so keep that in mind when buying.

Tinted moisturizer – Natio

I found this Australian brand in Sephora Delhi and gave it a try because it was very affordable and it’s made from natural ingredients. This is a tinted moisturizer which doesn’t really give coverage but moisturizes the skin without any greasy feeling. The shade is exact my shade and it evens out the complexion a little bit. Perfect for everyday use in the sun with spf.

Lip balm – My homemade shea-peppermint lip balm + recipe

I never knew how easy it is to make lip balm! And these lip balm containers are super cheap shipped straight from China ;). My lip balm is a basic blend of shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil & peppermint essential oil.


(makes two tubes or one small container of lip balm)

1 tsp shea butter or cocoa butter (cocoa butter is firmer if you want a firm textured lip balm)

1/2 tsp beeswax

1/2 tsp coconut oil (add more for more moist lipbalm texture)

5-7 drops peppermint essential oil


  1. Take a small saucepan and fill it with water halfway. Add any ceramic bowl or a glass jar inside the saucepan. I use a ceramic jug with nozzle which allows easy pouring at the end. Bring the water to boil.
  2. Add butter, wax and oil into the bowl or jar and melt them.
  3. Let cool for a while and add peppermint oil.
  4. Pour into your container. Put in the fridge to harden.

Easy, natural homemade lip balm! You can add any essential oils of your liking or leave it out completely.



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