Healthy Indian Veg Recipes

Indian rajma recipe, kidney bean curry blogger Findianlife

Now this is the rajma chawal my husband says is my fortΓ© haha. But the funny thing is, even when I have cooked Indian food for years, it pretty much depends on the raw ingredients how the curry is going to come out. If the tomatoes are not ripe, curry will be more sour. If […]

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Healthy Indian Recipes

indian recipe palak chicken, spinach chicken curry

This recipe I normally make for a hearty sunday supper. It’s quite heavy and takes some time as well. But it’s super healthy and delicious! Chicken drumsticks have to be cooked succulent and soft by simmering for 1 to 1,5 hours on a low heat under lid. Enjoy with rice or chapatis. RECIPE BELOW CHICKEN […]

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Indian Veg Recipe for Breakfast or Brunch

chole masala recipe indian chickpea curry blogger Findianlife

Here’s a household favourite! Even for me :). I love to order this out in a restaurant most of the time too. The lovely and flavourful indian breakfast recipe; chole masala, chickpea curry. It’s perfect for sunday brekkie πŸ˜› For a Finn this is super heavy breakfast so I like to make it for brunch […]

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The Best Fish Curry

the best indian fish curry recipe by blogger Findianlife

Another indian recipe which I just created by accident (and experience). I love this one and it’s relatively quick one as well, no chapatis needed, just rice on the side. I used some shortcuts but hey, we all need time for other things as well πŸ˜‰ RECIPE BELOW INDIAN FISH CURRY IN COCONUT MILK 1 […]

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Healthy Indian Veg Recipe

I thought I would never make a recipe blog or write anything about cooking. To be honest I haven’t been the best cook ever, nor baker. I mean, I know the basics about baking and food and I never buy ready cooked meals. But I’m no gourmet chef for sure! Still, I have been requested […]

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