Holiday Mode Through My Phone

Bayview restaurant Taj Fisherman's Cove chennai

Beach, villa, food & spa. That’s all we wanted for our honeymoon. And we got it. This week consist of… walks on the beach upon sunrise and sunset amazing food & South-Indian coffee Indian specialties like fish curry, fresh lime soda, salted lassi, masala dosa Perfect lunch & dinner spots with 2-hour long meals colorful […]

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Finland iPhone Clicks

Fonland snap shots blog Findianlife

It’s been a couple of weeks since I was in Finland, but I have some good clicks on my phone from Helsinki and Tampere when the summer started. I have to say that from all the countries I’ve been to, Finland’s sky is the bluest color of all πŸ™‚ Now we’re travelling in India to […]

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Friday in Helsinki

Ullanlinna and LΓΆyly Helsinki

On Friday I hung out with my friend in Ullanlinna, Helsinki, and we visited the LΓΆyly public sauna, terrace and restaurant. I love this part of Helsinki, even though we were suffering from chilly wind. You can actually go to sauna and swim in the sea over there! We only had some lunch, which was […]

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Helsinki Seaside

Katajanokka Helsinki seaside blogger Findianlife

Last week I got back from my hometown to stay in Helsinki at my friends’. I used to live in Espoo when I lived in Finland, but Helsinki is also one of my favorite cities. I love the seaside and my friend’s house is right near Katajanokka. One day we strolled down to Tervasaari and […]

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Juhannus in Finland

The Finnish Midsummer by the lake blogger Findianlife

In Finland we celebrate midsummer when cities are empty as people flee to their summer houses located in the woods. “Juhannus” is celebrated with family and friends accompanied with good food, sauna, swimming in the lake, drinking and having a great time. The Finnish summer is not complete without the midsummer and normally people start […]

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