Juhannus in Finland

The Finnish Midsummer by the lake blogger Findianlife

In Finland we celebrate midsummer when cities are empty as people flee to their summer houses located in the woods. “Juhannus” is celebrated with family and friends accompanied with good food, sauna, swimming in the lake, drinking and having a great time. The Finnish summer is not complete without the midsummer and normally people start […]

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Tuomarinkylän Kartano Helsinki

Tuomarinkylän Kartano Helsinki Finland

I’m in Finland ❤ the weather has been really cold but it doesn’t matter as I’m here for my friends and family :). We had a blast at Midsummer (Juhannus) and I’ll share more about it later. Last week I met up with my oldest childhood friend and we visited a pittoresque countryside manor in […]

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Travelling Essentials On a Long-Haul Flight

Travelling long-haul flight Findianlife blog

YAY!!! I’m flying to Finland today :)))) So excited because it’s been more than A YEAR since I’ve been to my home country. I cannot wait to see my family and all my friends! One of the main reasons it’s been so long has been the distance between Singapore and Finland. It’s a looooong 12 […]

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Easy Breezy Sentosa Island

On our previous Singapore trip we also visited Sentosa Island, read about it here. It’s a huge island next to the West Coast and you can walk there from Vivo City through Sentosa Gateway. This time we only went for a stroll in the touristy area, where a lot of families go to have fun time. […]

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House Hunting in Singapore

Finally we’re moving to Singapore in July. I have to say that I’m happy to leave Delhi behind. Even though Singapore is farther away from Europe, it’s very modern, cosmopolitan, clean & easy for foreigners to adjust to. Our goal during this trip was to find an apartment in a condominium. We were looking for […]

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